December 8, 2011

jarak jaoh.

Why do you prefer long distance relationship ?


any answer for this question ?

tehee. this is my answer.

They're stronger. They mean a lot more. Well to me that its. I mean think about it. TRUST is the biggest thing in relationship. If you can trust someone who lives hundreds miles away, then that's beautiful. Sure you don't get a hug the person, kiss the person, but you get to talk to them, hear them. Think about how amazing it's going to be when you finally get to meet them. And how perfect it gonna be. You fight less. You laugh more. They're beautiful. And I respect anyone who is in one. They hard. They harder than a lot of things, but they worth it in the end. Why let distance ruin your feelings for someone ? Feelings are feelings. Love are love. That's not gonna change. 

long distance relationship are beautiful.

dont give up easily.