January 6, 2012


very first post on 2012.
happy new year to all blogger
whats make i post something on blog ?
currently i have no idea to talk. to write. to wateva.

just my heart is pushing me to post something.
i need some refreshment.
i need to "sabar"

i have to learn those thing that weird.
yet it important to me.

i forget how to express my feeling.
i learn to keep all those funny thing in heart.
i make my heart suffer a lot. ya A LOT.
i loss my mind.

i just need u in my life.
no other. yes ! NO OTHER.
i hope thing will become as always we do, we done.
joke, smile, laugh.

i need those thing in my life.
2012, i change myself in u.
why don't u be good to me ?
u know im sad.
ya u don't know each single thing.
but ALLAH know everything.

im not good enough.